Vamos a South America (with photos from Socal)

Vamos a South America (with photos from Socal)

I AM SWEATING. This is it. Finally the big day. We are leaving for our round-the-world trip, part one: South America. For eight weeks. And we planned to do it in the greatest of fashions: CARRY-ON. That is correct: no checking in luggage here. All easy breezy jet-set style. Except that our carry-ons were bursting at the seams, and the woman at the desk made us hand them over to her as soon as we weighed them at check-in. Also wonderful —  those amazing business class tickets to and from South America that we scored using the magic of a points company (no we did not pay for the service). When we arrived at the LAX terminal at 3:30am for a 5:30am flight, it was completely empty and the first flight not for hours. In a panic I double-checked the date and the airport (please don’t let me have booked this out of Kennedy) then  looked at our e-tickets which were helpfully in Japanese since they were booked thru ANA. I called the number listed on the ticket and naturally customer service was closed. We panickedly (that is really the only word for it) googled the flight number and time, and came up with Copa Airlines. Of course. Now I see how the points magic happened (I am being completely facetious — I still don’t understand how this transpired). We ran three terminals over to where we should have been, handed over the beautifully packed and ready-to-carry-on suitcases and are currently settled into our roomy business class seats, as the hoi ploy board and walk to their hovels in the back (I can say that now that we are actually on the plane and they can’t kick us off). It will be overnight buses and goats once we are in South America but for now I’ve got a Johnny Walker Black and a fuzzy pair of slippers waiting for me before takeoff. And I’m in awe that this is happening already. It’s been an amazing two weeks in Southern California. We’ve been to Oceanside to visit my parents, spent a few days in Palm Springs, wandered around San Diego, then headed up to LA to see my sister and Dan (and tickets to see Jimmy Kimmel and Bill Maher didn’t hurt either). Yesterday we spent a rainy afternoon in a saloon winery in Malibu (I can’t wait to go back – look up The Old Place); today we paddled with the seals in a sunny Marina del Ray. Tonight (last night? We haven’t slept) Anthony made Sunday family dinner for everyone… Then my gorgeous sister stayed up with us til we left her house for the airport at 2:30am (did I mention Anthony fell on his ass on his way out of the house? Yes he was carrying our bags. He has renamed himself The Sherpa). And now we are off. So let the trek begin. First up: Manaus, Brazil, to hang for a few days in the Amazon. We’ve got the headlamps, the bug spray and the extra lipgloss packed and ready to go (what if I lose my Bonne Bell while we’re in the jungle??) After that, Rio for Carnaval. For now though, I wonder if I can request a shot of tequila…


– D.


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  1. Kelly Frisco

    Bon Voyage ! And Hell Yes, have that shot of tequila!
    Looking forward to future posts !
    Safe Travels & Godspeed !!!

  2. Marie Sears

    Looking forward to the trip!

  3. Joe Mingrone

    Hope you guys have a blast. Have a drink on a beach for me. Love you guys.

  4. IT’S ALL HAPPENING!!!! Miss you guys already!!! Love love love!! xxoo

  5. I’m so excited to live vicariously through you pics and stories yet to come! Watching Dre through the years in all of her travels is so breathtaking! Have so much fun Denise and your Sherpa! Lol! Bon voyage!

  6. Julie Pinedo

    Have fun and be safe!!

  7. It's ME! (you know who I am)

    Only you would score biz class seats on your first flight to SA! Bravo amiga
    Enjoy the luxurious ride…. and take good care of your Sherpa! xo

  8. Fly safe! Let us know what you discover in Brazil and beyond. We’re thinking of a trip to Colombia this April as a mini-moon so we’re scoping South American options. XOXO

  9. Gina Artese

    I am so looking forward to reading all about your travels! Y’all are just riDICK. So jelly-donuts re: Brazil. That is my dream destination!

  10. Do not lose the Bonnie Belle.

  11. David Florez

    This sounds amazingso far…good luck kitties and be safe!

  12. Bon voyage! Enjoy Brazil and Carnavale! You should document your Bonne Bell in the different parts of world. Maybe that will bring it out of extinction?
    Also – huge props for doing only carry ons! Only way to travel…

  13. I did the same this year! Quit my job in July to travel and explore. I just returned in December from 4 months in Argentina. I’m happy to make recommendations or put you in touch with some of the great people I met there. It is an AMAZING place. Enjoy the moments!

  14. Have a great trip!
    Will you visit other countries besides Brazil?

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