Flights #3 and #4 (LA-PANAMA CITY-MANAUS)

Flights #3 and #4 (LA-PANAMA CITY-MANAUS)

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We are on our way.  Left LAX at 5:30 a.m.  First flight to panama took us 6 and a half hours and the connecting flight took us to the Amazon River in the city of Manaus.  We spent the whole day traveling and lost 6 hours in the different time zones.

On our commute to the amazon, I had some time to think about our last two weeks in Southern California. We had an amazing time and got to spend time with our family and friends. Thank you Frank and Maria, my wonderful in laws for countless meals, a cozy room , and letting us leave all of the belongings in your house that would not fit into our luggage. Thank you Tita Kathy and David for a great dinner, great bottles of wine, and my favorite cigar. Andrea and Dan thanks for an awesome weekend in Santa Monica. We loved dinner, beer, paddle boarding and surfing.  Thank you Phil Licata, John Crowley, Melissa, Paris and Marquis, Tita Leo, Linsey, and Miguel for letting us enjoy a little time with you.  Last, but not least thank you Denise for getting me tickets to my two favorite shows Jimmy Kimmel and Bill Maher. They were both great!

Tomorrow we will be exploring deeper into the Amazon.  Whatever you do don’t say snakes.

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  1. David Florez

    U guys are going to have an amazing the pics so far! Be safe yo

  2. maria, mom-in-law

    so glad you guys had a good time here! Frank and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment; sad to see you go, but excited and happy for you as you embark on great adventures.

  3. maria, mom-in-law

    Frank and I enjoyed every moment with you guys, too.
    Happy trails!

  4. Have a blast in Brazil for Carnivale!

  5. I know I will never get to travel like U two, so I am traveling with U both through the emails, Please be safe drink bottled water, so exciting, love U both stick close to each other. LA is beautiful, did U go to Newport Beach? I visited my dad every summer, & he had a sail boat & sometimes we would just sleep on the boat, LA has excellent food & my dad knew all the good places to go & eat, I loved LA he lived in Glendale just right out of Pasadena, wonderful crab legs in Newport. Enjoy, Miss my Dad he passed away 10 years ago, had some great summers out there, & always went to Catalina Island. I miss going there, U guys have fun & enjoy & love each other every minute of everyday, time goes by so fast, Love each other & be safe Judy Serrone

  6. U 2 are going to have alot of jet lag, There is a tea U can drink when U fly to so many time zones, I will try to find it for U. drink bottled water, U don’t want the runs, U can buy OTC Immodium if U get them, & it really works, Love U both Judy Serrone

  7. sounds like U 2 are living it up, I am so happy for U 2, be safe, love U guys Judy Serrone

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