Uruguay (Photos)

Uruguay (Photos)

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Full disclosure: I tried to put these in some sort of sensical order but the internet is so slow here in our hotel room in Buenos Aires, que no puedo hacer mas. When I asked the front desk about the high-speed internet, the girl told me very kindly, “Ma’am, it depends where you normally live, the high-speed internet. This is high-speed for Argentina — but compared to where you usually use the internet, it probably is not.” Wise words, my friend. Fair enough. Despacio is probably the word I should focus on now. So here are the pictures. Hope you enjoy.



IMG_0299IMG_0726 IMG_0327 IMG_0322 IMG_0280IMG_0306




IMG_0635 IMG_0627IMG_0615 IMG_0706IMG_0603IMG_0599 2IMG_0471 IMG_0469 IMG_0434 IMG_0414 IMG_0398IMG_0389 IMG_0380IMG_0379IMG_0574IMG_0392 IMG_0361 IMG_0345IMG_0356


IMG_0943 IMG_0923IMG_0898 IMG_0915IMG_0914 IMG_0903  IMG_0901 IMG_0900 IMG_0693IMG_0846IMG_0848IMG_0857IMG_0796IMG_0798IMG_0799IMG_0814IMG_0826IMG_0825





















IMG_0724 IMG_0723 IMG_0619



IMG_0692IMG_0693 2 IMG_0620IMG_0682 IMG_0681IMG_0688IMG_0678 IMG_0677 IMG_0676IMG_0643 IMG_0658 IMG_0657 IMG_0651 IMG_0650 IMG_0647 IMG_0645IMG_0639 IMG_0637IMG_0622



IMG_0444IMG_0597IMG_0593IMG_0596 IMG_0593 2 IMG_0578IMG_0543IMG_0540 IMG_0535IMG_0529 IMG_0523 IMG_0521 IMG_0519


IMG_0549IMG_0508 IMG_0502IMG_0473IMG_0454 IMG_0446IMG_0443 IMG_0433 IMG_0426 IMG_0423 IMG_0420



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  1. This place looks amaaaazing!!!! Looks muy despacio, indeed, which I’m sure was welcome after the craziness of Rio. Very tranquilo, which was MY favorite word I learned in my summers in Central America, and I feel like this place captures that perfectly. Love it all! Great photos~ I love the floor shots of the cat/ dog. And the sheep! I saw a sign for an escuela de surf- did you guys go? xx

  2. Love the pics — you guys look amazing, and like you’re meant to travel the world. Loving the site and keeping up with your whereabouts. xoxo

  3. was up till 3 am enjoying all the pics…wish we were there w/you guys…what a trip it’s been…love ya, dad

  4. Love the pictures, you both look so happy and so tan. Have a great time stay safe.

  5. Margaret Mandina

    I truly enjoy following you guys! I can live vicariously through you guys! Thanks for sharing!!!! Everything has looked beautiful!!!

  6. your pic’s are so awesome & beautiful, enjoy the peace & serenity- be safe-Judy Serrone

  7. Wow – a picture is worth a thousand words for sure! You look so relaxed – its nice to see THOSE faces!

  8. love this. must go to Jose Ignacio!!! looks like heaven.

  9. Adding this place to my list!

  10. What a beautiful country…im with D, give me the calm beaches and complete silence over loud parties any day!

  11. Amazing! The home you stayed in looks like heaven. All the homes there look like heaven. Your pics are gorgeous. I can hear the Peace and quiet. Ahhh. Enjoy the silence and take it all in! Xoxo safe travels

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