Bus #1 and Ferry #1.

Bus #1 and Ferry #1.

Hello from Buenos Aires. This is our fourth stop in South America and it is the first place that I fell in love with from the start. Our bus ride was a three hour trip from Montevideo to Colonia and it was mostly countryside. One note is there are assigned seats. We didn’t know and we were booted from our chosen seats. Then we took a one hour ferry ride over La Plata River which feeds off the Atlantic Ocean to Buenos Aires. There is a nice vibe here and the locals are over the top friendly.  We found San Telmo, a short cab drive from our hotel for dinner tonight. Before dinner we stopped to watch locals tangoing the night away at an outside square. Then we found a party up the street where there was a band playing flamenco music and the the crowd was dancing, it was somewhere between a a tribal dance and the tango with clapping and twirling.  The smell of barbecue was in the air because there was a huge pit of meats being grilled. You would have never known it was almost 11 p.m.on  a Sunday night. People from all ages were celebrating the simple pleasures of life.  Our cab driver, Anthony, took us home on the scenic route and now we have even more spots to see today. He was a an older gentlemen and very proud of his city. His parents were from Sicily and he could not understand why I didn’t speak any Italian.  He said there are over 3 million Italians in Argentina. Who knew.

– A.

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  1. Awesome, love hearing about this place! Sounds amazing! Fun fact…my mom was actually born in Buenos Aires. Her parents left Cefalu, Sicily and went there instead of America first! They left when she was 2 and came to Kansas City.

  2. Marie Sears

    Still excited!

  3. sounds like you two are on the adventure of a life time, enjoy, be safe, all my love Judy Serrone, ENJOY!

  4. Oh, the Italian diaspora! Now I want to know why . . .

  5. Happy you love the Paris of South America. Tango, tango everywhere, love love it. You guys must attend at least one tango class and stay for the milonga!

  6. Cheryl Mingrone

    Looks awesome! Be safe and have fun!

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