Bom Dia, World

Bom Dia, World

Good morning Rio! It’s Ash Wednesday, aka the day after the party (kind of) ends in Brazil, and we are off to see the statue of Christ the Redeemer. Seems fitting. Have been up since 4am (it happens often, yay for my inner clock) reading random blogs (send me recs for my sleepless nights please), uploading pictures and emailing. A few hours later Anthony got up too (sweets, did my loud typing and rummaging through the bags for wires and chargers wake you??) & we headed downstairs to our very lovely beachside hotel cafe for an early 7am breakfast (the picture above is our view every morning while eating). As we sat, we saw masses of people walking off of the beach after having spent the night there. Ahhhh. Is our last day in Rio, and in Brazil for that matter — tomorrow we head to Uruguay — so off to see the sights, enjoy the beach and hopefully imbibe a little this evening. More pics of food and fun to come later, but for now, the morning awaits…



Where we stayed in Rio:
Arpoador Hotel, on Ipanema Beach

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  1. Fantastic. I love to wake up reading your post about your adventure. There are so many places to see in this world, that our bucket list is so long. Last month at the Detroit Autoshow I worked with a Brazilian team and it was the first time I heard the beautiful Potugese language. I told the three crew that I just added Brazil to my bucket list. I’ve been enjoying your posts, your pictures and your accounts of what you’ve experienced. It reminds me of our two weeks on Safari in Tanzania and Kenya. Best 2 weeks of our life so far. Keep those photos coming. Are you shooting any videos as well?

  2. so glad to hear you & hubby are enjoying yourselves, the pic’s are beautiful, take care & be safe-Judy Serrone

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