Rio de Janeiro (photos & video)

Rio de Janeiro (photos & video)

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And for an idea of what the crazy-ass Samba parade was like in the Sambodromo, take a look at this video — turn the sound up full to get an idea of the music that played over and over and over (and over)…

[kad_vimeo url=”″ ]




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  1. Insanity!!!

  2. OMG the upside down heads!! How many weeks of works do they put into creating such insanity?!

    • Denise Rehrig

      Remi they are INSANE! I have no idea how much preparation it takes, but I know they rehearse for weeks leading up to the big event. And I couldn’t help but think while watching them: how doI get on one of those next year??

  3. David Florez

    Omg that looks off the hook….paul and i need to go their next year…our kind of party town! Have fun and b safe kitties

  4. OMG
    BE SAFE :-)

  5. Deniseee!! OMG I just got a flashback!! If i ever go back to Rio it would be for carnaval!! you cannot miss the natural reserve!! take the hike, the guide told me that this time is the best time to go!! Enjoy!!

  6. OMG talk about production value!

  7. Caipirinha man!

  8. What the hell am I looking at?? These pictures are IN-SANE!! Did I see a picture with people in beds on the side of a building? Is that possible? What happened to gravity? I feel confused. And anxious.

  9. I appreciate you sharing this blog post. Cool.

  10. Amazing pictures !!!! Soooo much color, literally & figuratively!!!
    Many blessings!

  11. INSANE!!! Looks like you had an amazing time!!!

  12. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your efforts and I am
    waiting for your next write ups thanks once again.

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