The Art of Self-Realization (blah blah blah)

The Art of Self-Realization (blah blah blah)

I CANNOT ADJUST TO WEST COAST TIME. I know we’ve only been here a day but the California time change kills me. And now I can’t even blame it on a regular 3am wake up call. I went to bed last night at 8:30, got up at 6am and tonight was asleep on the sofa at 9:00. I really am a rollicking good time. On the plus side, I woke up today to see my parents’ sun-filled, orange- and lemon-tree’d backyard outside our bedroom window and it was a beautiful sight. I went in search of my husband and found him in the workout room out back – he had just returned from a run and was meditating, his back to me, so he didn’t see me there, staring (gawking). (I commonly do this when I stumble in on him meditating, because how can someone stay so still and silent for that long? I like to watch him like one would an animal in a zoo.) He looked so peaceful. And quiet. ¬†And relaxed. So I left him alone (no I didn’t interrupt him, though I was tempted). And it struck me that this is what this time, this trip, should actually be about — not just to see the world (shit must check on Brazil visa status) and eat good food (I’m so hungry) and drink great wine (could use a glass right now) and meet cool people. But also, and maybe more so, the point should be to stop and breathe and reflect, in order to become better, more centered, more enlightened and self-realized people. Anthony is way ahead of me on all of that, and I am going to make it a priority to get there as well.

Right after I make myself some breakfast.

– D.

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  1. Meditating and yoga…two things I know are good for me but make me angry when I try to do them. It’ll take you a long while to reprogram your sleep :-)

  2. love everything about this post. mostly that you’re here in CA :)

  3. Cousin Casas

    I love that I will see you there on Sunday. Hope you brought your wardrobe I can store for you.

  4. Namaste. Soak it ALL in. Live in the present. (why is it always so hard?? i dont think us Scorpios were meant to sit in silence) xoxo (ps, when i hear or see the word lemons it always brings me back to the movie the Break Up, what baby wants baby gets)

    • Denise Rehrig

      Ahhh love that movie.
      – I want you to WANT to do the dishes.
      – Why would I WANT to do the dishes??

  5. I had no idea Anthony meditated. I’ve been trying for two months but it’s hard when you have so many voices in your head. Love this. Love you. Xo

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