Flights #1 and #2 (NY-CHICAGO-SAN DIEGO)

Flights #1 and #2 (NY-CHICAGO-SAN DIEGO)

This is Anthony. You can tell if it’s Denise or me doing the writing by our initial at the bottom of each post. Our first day of our new life on the road begins today.  We flew from Laguardia to San Diego, stopping at Midway for a quick layover. The apartment is cleaned out and all of our belongings are put away until sometime next year.   I think one of the things I am going to miss the most is our bed.  The thought of sleeping in a different bed every couple of days is frightening. We (Denise) freaked out when the internet at our apartment wasn’t perfect and I know that is going to be the case throughout many of our stops.  These are problems you will face when you set off for your around-the-world trip.  Today, we left New York at 11:30am and were one of the last planes to leave the city because of Juno.  This could be one of the worst storms NYC has seen in a long time.  Mayor De Blasio declared a state of emergency, canceling all public transportation and forbidding New Yorkers to get into their vehicles for any reason.  We’re a little sad we’re not there for the big event in the greatest city in the world. Instead we are here in Oceanside, California, with D’s family. So today was bittersweet saying goodbye to winter and hello to summer. But I’ve got a feeling I’ll adapt well. (Did I mention it’s going to be 74 tomorrow?)

– A.

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  1. Phil Amaro

    good luck have a great time

  2. I’m very excited for this blog. Enjoy. Kisses.

  3. Frankie Vee

    Have a Great time…….

  4. Enjoy every minute!!!

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