The Beach (Photos & Video From Thailand Here)

The Beach (Photos & Video From Thailand Here)

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Legend has it that my father-in-law, Butch Spino, once complained while on beach holiday in Mexico, “I can’t sleep. The waves outside my window are too loud.” While not at that point yet, from inside our little beach bungalow here in Thailand, the sound of the waves 20 feet away, combined with the pounding of the on-again-off-again driving rain that comes every few days, yay monsoon season, makes it hard to do anything except stare out at the water and daydream. Something I don’t really mind. It’s what we were after.

Here we do nothing all day except swim, read, eat, swim some more and eat again. Sometimes I take my book from the beach to the hammock then back to the beach. There’s meditation and working out (Anthony) and yoga (me) thrown in here and there. We worked with a local group called Trash Hero Thailand one day, and will do it again next week, cleaning up area beaches. We’ve met locals and visitors both, and at night see them out for more food and drinks. Someone even played his guitar (yep, still shlepping it everywhere) in public for the first time last night, at a great place called Elephant Bar. You can see the proof below. He was great. There are no cars on the island and it’s easy to walk everywhere. You can circle this whole little speck of land in an hour. OH and btw, our place, Castaway Resort, asked us to be part of a photo shoot for its new promo video. Yes you can watch it now! We’re the romantic couple in love on the beach. Hahahahaha yes I’m serious. This could be the beginning of a huge hotel promotional video career for us. In Thailand.

We had planned to stay here on Koh Lipe, in the south south south of Thailand, down near Malaysia, for just a few days. It’s been eight. And today we decided to stay another week.

I blame the loud waves.


Where we are staying:

Castaway Resort (our favorite place of the entire trip)


Where we are eating, and like:

OMG! Sports Bar & Restaurant

Elephant Cafe

Castaway Resort



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And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for, Anthony’s first public appearance with his best friend, The Guitar. I provided vocals for moral support. Elephant Bar, Koh Lipe, Thailand. Enjoy.

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  1. I love everything about this video. Especially the fact that there are microphones. And harmonicas. Keep strumming.

  2. Such awesomeness

  3. Beautiful post…I can feel your zen!!

  4. Gina Artese

    Y’all are so cool. I wish i were there with you and I LOVE that y’all are playing as a musical duo in Thai bars. GET IT!

  5. It's ME! (you know who I am)

    those sunset pics are dreamy. looks like you two found a little slice of heaven. i would like to live in that tree house of yours. And well done on the musical performance! you’re a hit in Thailand. how will you ever leave that place??

  6. Cheryl Mingrone

    So beautiful! I can’t wait to hear where your favorite place is overall. I don’t know how you can pick!

  7. Great performance, you guys! They may hire you for evening entertainment; how will you ever get back to New York?
    Love the beach. I am just afraid that it has spoiled you for all other beaches in the future. We would not be able to ever take you on a beach vacation to impress you, ever.
    Hugs and lots of love

  8. Francesca

    Omg!!! Thailand looks absolutely amazing!! Keep the pictures coming I can’t wait to see what’s up next…xoxo

  9. Francesca Cuccia

    Omg!!! Thailand looks absolutely amazing!! Keep the pictures coming I can’t wait to see what’s up next…xoxo

  10. these beaches are so pristine, beautiful beach’s, , TY for sharing! be safe, judy serrone.

  11. Very impressive! You guys amaze me.

  12. Paradise……..

  13. Shades of She & Him???!!!
    Love it all!!

  14. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the song!!! I am so glad the sound of the most awesome waves do not irritate you guys!!!

  15. Please stay safe!!!

  16. Love, love, love. You guys look so happy!

  17. Tita Kathy

    Amazing beaches! What a find. Love the entertainment!
    Love yous… can’t wait to see where you go next.

  18. The video is beautiful! You can see and feel the love!!

  19. Great photos! Best since Salar de Uyuni.

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