Our WWOOF Stop: A Tour of the Farm (Video Here)

Our WWOOF Stop: A Tour of the Farm (Video Here)

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A look at what we’ve been doing during our first week as farmers.

[kad_vimeo url=”https://vimeo.com/127490049″ ]


To see photos from the farm and our stay in Mallorca, give a little click here.



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  1. Thanks for the video. Brings your adventures to life.

  2. hey guys, enjoyed the video, especially Anthony’s description of daily tasks there on the farm…the routine looks to be enough to keep busy, don’t believe you’ll have time to be bored…joe the goat looks like he’s planning an escape, so watch him…keep it coming…dad

  3. Hammerhead returns…this time in Spain!!! (Loved it)!

  4. Catherine

    AWESOME….love the sounds effects – and love the video – keep on living guys looks great

  5. Enjoyed your video, beautiful land, be safe, do not over do it, love judy serrone


  7. Love, love! What a life Under the Mlloracan Sun! Dont’ try to smuggle Joe or Frank or Pete back to NY.

  8. This is awesome. I love the sheep! And I also love the stills of D scrubbing the floors. Classic. xx

  9. the tomatus!!! this is hilarious. i especially like the jazzy music. maybe something more spanish rock would have worked too? no actually it’s PERFECT. please bring me home a goat and a sheep. and that farmer dude looks kinda hot. i’ll volunteer there. maybe i can be a “different” kind of volunteer eh?

  10. Ricardo Gómez Delgado

    I love the farm you have. The hard work you have done is. Next time I’ll help you. Definitely. a hug Anthony a hug Denise!!!!!! Miss you!!!

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