Our Full Stop (It’s All Happening)

Our Full Stop (It’s All Happening)

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HOMELESS, JOBLESS SHLUBS. That’s the only way I can characterize us at the present time. We actually did it: quit our jobs to travel the world. It’s been a whirlwind of beautiful goodbyes and amazing sendoffs, and there was even a bachelorette party thrown in this past weekend for good measure lest I get bored 2 minutes after leaving work. But now that’s all over and it’s time to FOCUS, which should be easy as we are currently #UNEMPLOYED (did I mention we loved what we did for a living?) Tomorrow is officially Day One of Our Full Stop. For the next week we’ll be a whirling dervish of packing the apartment so the subletter can move in, seeing friends and just soaking up New York before we leave it for the foreseeable future. Let us know if you want to hang out before we leave, have suggestions for where to visit or own any spare packing tape. In the meantime, wish us luck! (Also: taking bets on how long it will take me to get over the fact that WE HAVE NO JOBS…)

– D.

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  1. Jennifer Van Velzen

    i travel to San Diego/LA about 6 times a year, if you need to know the best hole in the wall restaurants to eat at, let me know!!!!

  2. if you go to Colombia let me know where and I might be able to provide some shelter!! :) have fun

  3. I can’t believe it’s almost all over, this past year flew by, I have loved all of your pics of all the places U have visited, unbelievable, & so exciting to get to travel with U all over the world, what a great experience, & all of your pics, awesome, I love U both, & I am so glad U did this, & I experienced it to thru your eyes & pics, I am sad it will be all over to soon. GREAT EXPERIENCE! BE SAFE, & what are your plans for job re-entry (yuck) I will miss all of your posts & experiences, Good Luck & Happy New Year, Love U both so much, Judy Serrone.

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