The Oxford Dictionary defines a full stop as a period marking the end of a sentence, presumably so one can begin a new thought. In our case, we’re stopping our normal every day lives, which were extraordinary in so many ways, in order to breathe, take a look around, sleep in and start a new adventure. We’re recently married, live in a great apartment in New York and have always been gainfully employed as a TV producer (Denise) and restaurant man (Anthony). Recently, though, we quit those jobs we loved and bought two round-the-world plane tickets (who even knew that was a thing?) Now we’re off to shlep around the globe in search of good food, amazing wine and lots of time together. We’re documenting the whole thing here with pics, videos and a few stories, in hopes friends and family will enjoy our trek, tell us the places they love that we should definitely visit… and maybe even come meet us along the way.